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Off The Hook
Off The Hook

Not only am I the owner of the local print shop, but I am currently on staff at The Journey Church in Winchester, TN as the Outreach Pastor. I'm also the President of the Huntland Lions Club. I've always been a big sportsman, so when I am not hard at work, you can find me in a deer stand or out on the lake. In the past I owned and operated 3May Deer Processing and Taxidermy. In 2016 I decided to try my hand at screen printing sports apparel.


I decided to go all in and open Off The Hook Screen Printing! Thanks to this community and my loyal clients, I have grown every year since opening my doors. We've added several services to our menu and continue to explore new avenues. We currently offer silk screen printing, embroidery, custom patches, vinyl printing, sublimation, decals and stickers, business cards, banners and yard signs. We have recently added leather patches to our line up and are working on offering laser engraved items in the very near future. 

You always hear the saying, "Do something you love and you'll never work a day in your life." I'd say for me, that's true. I love my family, I love the outdoors, and
I genuinely love serving my clients and being a part of bringing their ideas and projects to life. I'm constantly reminded of all that God has blessed me with and I am mindful to ensure He gets the Glory for it all.


Hey! I'm Josh...

Thanks for stopping by! 
I can't wait to get to know you
and find out how I can help out.

A little about me...

My name is Josh May and I am the Owner and Operator of Off the Hook Screen Printing in Huntland, Tennessee. I have lived in Huntland my entire life and couldn't dream of a better community to be a part of. It's a tight-knit, family oriented place that has one K-12 school that seems to hold this town together. Huntland has a big 'small town' vibe- where everyone knows each others names, lies about who caught the bigger fish and cheers for each others kids at the ball games.


I have been married to my high school sweetheart for 20 years now and together we have two kids, ages 16 and 13. They are FOURTH GENERATION Huntland School kids which is pretty cool. I love getting to live here, but I also love getting to serve this community
full of great people in so many unique ways. 


Off The Hook About Josh Family
Off The Hook

My Dad always told me,
"If you raise your kids to hunt and fish when they are little, 
you won't have to hunt them down when they get old."


This Story's OFF THE HOOK


Off The Hook Screen Printing has been family-owned and operated since 2016, serving businesses and organizations across Tennessee, Alabama and beyond. We are known for providing outstanding screen printing and embroidery services and specialize in outfitting sports teams with high quality uniforms that stand out. We create comfortable warm ups, full game-day kits and service every sport. If you can play it - we can print it!

Whether you are looking to cultivate professionalism within your business, outfit your sports teams or fan base, create merchandise to represent your brand or if you want to give the perfect personalized gifts to your crew, we've got you!
With our amazing in-house design team, digital mockups and unlimited revisions, we will create a product that we are proud to make, and that you are proud to wear.

We are a full-service silk screen operation and currently provide screen printing, embroidery, vinyl, sublimation, banners, and so much more! We offer convenient in-store pick up, US shipping and a showroom full of Huntland fan gear, printed and ready for purchase!

We are known in our community for taking great pride in our work and going all out to create excellent products. We serve our customers with industry-leading service and integrity. Most of our first time clients turn into our best repeat customers and we can't wait to show
you why!

For more information on Me, My Work or Off The Hook,
please feel free to contact my team.

Off The Hook
Off The Hook
Off The Hook



Welcome to my Hometown...

100 miles south of Nashville and 32 miles north of Huntsville holds some of the most beautiful countryside that Franklin County has to offer. With less than 900 Southern Tennesseans calling Huntland home, you can bet that this small town is just that, small. But don't let it's size fool you. What this town lacks in size it surly makes up for in character, heart and hunting. 

The historic K-12 school is home to the Huntland Hornets and is known for its top athletic programs and strong academics. For generations, the Huntland School has held this small town together and continues to provide so many opportunities to keep this tight-knit community engaged and unified. 

This town was founded upon strong friendships and close neighbors that supported each other through life's highs and lows, and we remain that way to this day. You don't hear a lot of town gossip around here, but you do hear a lot of support and encouragement. The people who make up this community are top-notch and always eager to lend a hand.

Thank you for supporting Off The Hook. We will always serve you with the same Excitement and Pride that we feel when we serve Huntland. When you choose us, you are choosing to support a small business with big industry standards, big integrity and big heart. 

Thank You!

Follow The Hunt
Off The Hook

HUNTIN'   -    FISHIN'   -    GEAR    -   GOD

Presented By:

Be on the Look Out
for my 

where I talk shop
on all things 

Hunting, Fishing, Family, Sports, Gear, God 
and the Great Outdoors.


"So, I like to be outside..."


What's your favorite body of water
to fish in Tennessee?

"My favorite TN fishing spot has to be Woods Reservoir. It's a man-made lake, made by the army corps of engineers and I have fished that water my entire life. It's a smaller lake so it's easier to pinpoint great spots to fish. In April of 2020, I caught my largest Crappie to date at 3lbs 10oz. It's loaded with largemouth, smallmouth, crappie, bluegill, white bass and shell cracker. Overall, it's just a great spot to fish." 


What's are your TOP 3 Tackle Box Must-Have's?


"1- Texas Rigged Black Zoom Worm

 2- Bass Assassin for Crappie       

 3- If all else fails, a live minnow    
under a ship bobber
will always do the job!"


What are your favorite
Deer & Tu
rkey Call brands?

"Primos makes a great Grunt Call and Bleat Call which have been around for years. I use their deer calls but they offer so much more. Primos is a great company which offers just about anything you need for your hunts and specializes in everything from calls and decoys to specialized vests and ground blinds. For Turkey calls, I prefer a Yawt Yawt made by David Ellis. I also like a Slate Call." 



What is your Deer Hunting weapon of choice?

"I'd rather hunt with a rifle because I love to reach out there without limits! Although if I'm feeling sporty I love the challenge of a good bow hunt. I will usually just choose my weapon depending on the hunt." 



What's your earliest
hunting memory?

"My earliest hunting memories are probably of my Dad taking me squirrel hunting. We used to get up on opening day in August, way before the daylight, and go into the woods. We'd go find a spot while it was still dark outside and wait for the trees to start shaking. I remember as a kid, jumping rocks, crossing logs, and trying to position for a shot on one of the fastest moving animals you will hunt.  Those furry little tree rats are tricky but very fun to hunt. I now enjoy taking my son to do the very same thing." 



Do you have a favorite hunt
or maybe one that stands out
to you as a really meaningful time?

"I have so many hunting and fishing stories so it's hard to narrow it down. The one that comes to mind right away is a story that is shared between me and my Father. It was our first ever Mule Deer Hunt in Wyoming and we were on a guided tour with Dwight Cox, a phenomenal outdoorsman. We were walking in on what was going to be a 7 mile hike. At around 8am we were only about 2 miles in and stopped to take a break after climbing a steep hill. Dwight stopped us and said, "Get your guns, guys. Four bucks- standing on the rise." Then the bucks went down into a ravine, out of sight. Thinking they were gone, we were all bummed. All of the sudden the bucks popped out of the other side of the ravine. We quickly took aim and BOOM! My Dad and I doubled up on two great mule deer bucks! It was a dream of my Dad's to go mule deer hunting so to be able to harvest those animals together is a moment I'll remember for the rest of my life! He was crying when I got to him and he said that he just couldn't believe it. There were tears and a big hug shared between us and it will be one of those amazing hunting memories that I hold close for the rest of my life. 



Off The Hook
Brand Partners



Off The Hook is proud to partner with amazing apparel and hunting brands.

You can now visit our Huntland, TN location and shop our newest selection of Case Knives!


To learn more about Off The Hook Brand Partners, send an email to:


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