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Returns & Exchanges

Returns & Exchanges

Return Policy for In-Store Apparel 

Thanks for stopping by our shop! Did you grab the wrong size or notice a quality defect in your item? No problem! Bring the item back within 30 days of the purchase date for an exchange or to receive a full refund.
We want to ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase and that you are as proud of it as we are.

Return Policy for 3rd Party In-Store Merchandise

Off The Hook Screen Printing is proud to partner with great brands and deliver well known products to our small communities. If you are experiencing a defect or issue with a 3rd party branded item or accessory, please contact the shop so we can advise you on that items specific return policy. There are instances where the company in questions' warranty policy yields fast results and gets a replacement in your hands more efficiently than we can do apart from our brand partner. Regardless of method, we are here to ensure your satisfaction and will work to get you a product that fits your needs.

Customized Products and Services Return Policy

We value your business and aim to deliver custom products for your brand, team or event that look amazing and perfectly meet your needs! Being that we are a custom print shop, we do not accept returns or exchanges of customized products, however, due to the nature of our work, we understand that mistakes happen. 

If you received an order that was not satisfactory, contained product defects or printing errors, please contact the shop right away so we can make it right. We only feel great about your order if you do as well. 

Contact Us

Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns regarding our Returns & Exchanges Policy.

We are here to serve you and to ensure you get the fastest service with the highest quality products and best prices around! Remember- If you're not satisfied with your gear, neither are we. Contact us and we will do whatever it takes to deliver a final product that makes you proud!

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Interested in working with us?
Check here for a list of all available positions. 

No openings at the moment.

Feel free to submit your resume for future consideration.

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Affiliate & Brand Partner Disclaimer

Affiliate & Brand Partner Disclaimer

Abbreviated Affiliate Disclaimer

This page/post contains affiliate links. We only endorse products we've personally used or that come highly recommended by trusted peers. If you buy anything we mention using our referral links, we may get a small commission. There's no extra cost to you. If you'd like to learn more, head to our affiliate disclosure page.

Full Affiliate Disclaimer

Off The Hook Screen Printing does accept monetary compensation through affiliate links, advertising and sponsored collaborations in partnership with various brands and retailers. These commissions are paid out by the retailers, at no cost to you. Blog posts and advertisements throughout the site containing affiliate links can generate a commission on purchases made from clicking directly from these links to the online retailer. Note that not all of the links on this site are affiliate links. Utilizing these links help to support this website which users get to enjoy for free. As long term clients and readers know, we are particular about the brands and partners we align with and endorse. We only recommend products and brands that either we, ourselves use or that come highly recommended by trusted peers. 


If you have any questions, concerns or would like to collaborate with Off The Hook Screen Printing, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Brand Partnership Disclaimer

Through our Brand Partnerships Program, brands will, in partnership with Off The Hook Screen Printing, be able to display pre-selected products or services in our physical locations and on our website. Off The Hook Screen Printing creates self-branded merchandise as well as custom business, sports and personalized items. We also offer products created and distributed by 3rd Party Brands and Retailers in our physical retail store locations as well as our online platform. To inquire about coming on board as a brand partner, please see the rules and responsibilities below:

If you are a Brand Partner or Supplier, you will:

1 Regularly maintain sufficient levels of inventory to be able to fulfill any and all completed and potential or imminently likely orders; regularly, and well in advance of any such orders, communicate and work with any third party vendors to ensure the resolution of any issues that would cause material delays in fulfilling any such orders. This may also be fulfilled by inventory requests made by Off The Hook Screen Printing. 

2 Provide shipping, returns, and customer service in connection with all orders, in accordance with customary high standards for the relevant and/or similar products and requirements under applicable law; promptly respond to and resolve any Customer concerns (including concerns relating to lack of inventory or defective products or services). This can be negotiated to provide seamless customer resolutions made between our brand and yours. 

3 Be responsible for understanding and complying with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations and determining whether our Brand and Store umbrella are suitable for you in light of applicable laws, rules, and regulations.

4 If you as a Supplier are subject to unique regulatory requirements, industry certifications, licenses, or other authorizations, and/or are required by law to negotiate additional terms with your partner Brand(s), it is your responsibility to disclose and/or negotiate such requirements with Off The Hook Screen Printing, your brand partners, in good faith.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

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Terms of Service

Terms of Service

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